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Strengthen the concept of safety development and improve the safety quality of all employees. Yunnan Huadi Dynasty Hotel held 119 fire drills

Date: 2021-01-04

In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of hotel employees, improve the ability to respond to emergencies, and correctly master the use of fire extinguishers and escape methods, with the strong support of hotel leaders and the cooperation of various departments, the afternoon of November 6th and November 9th The hotel organized staff from various departments to conduct fire safety training and drills.

At 14:00 on November 6th, the fire fighting knowledge training was held in the hotel's China and Land Hall. The training was lectured by Manager Jiang from the Safety Department, mainly from the introduction and use of fire fighting equipment, fire fighting methods and precautions, fire hazards, common sense of emergency self-rescue, etc. It has been explained in detail, has high practicability and operability, and has enriched employees' fire protection knowledge.

    In order to put the knowledge learned into practice, "strike while the iron is hot" popularized the fire-fighting evacuation and self-rescue and the use of fire extinguishers among employees. At 13:30 pm on November 9th, employees from various departments of the hotel conducted fire drills under the leadership of the Safety Department. The main content of the fire drill was to simulate a fire on the hotel guest room floor. After a fire broke out, how to guide guests to self-rescue and escape, and to be familiar with the use of fire fighting equipment and how to extinguish the first fire. At the fire evacuation drill site, the assistant manager in the lobby, guest room staff, and firefighters rushed to the scene amid the sound of the fire alarm. The division of labor was clear. The assistant manager in the lobby and the guest room staff were responsible for searching and informing guests on the fire floor, and instructing them when they were found. Guests use disinfection masks or wet towels to cover their mouths, bend over and evacuate from the fire floor quickly and orderly along the fire passage. At the same time, the hotel emergency firefighters quickly use fire extinguishing equipment and connect fire water bags to extinguish the fire. The entire exercise was carried out in an orderly manner, reflecting the well-trained hotel staff on weekdays.